„Dall’ inferno [?] al paradiso′ ? [PDF]
Essay on Gustav Mahler’s 1st Symphony (in Polish)

Basso Continuo – Compositio Extemporanea (PL) [PDF]
Essay on improvisation and basso continuo in music between Peri’s Euridice and Haydn’s Schöpfung
The text was printed in „Klucz” – periodical of Academy of Music in Katowice, PL

Basso Continuo in Italy and Germany in the first half of 18th century [PDF]
master thesis (in Polish)

Musikalisches Vielerley (PL) [PDF]
Musikalisches Vielerley (ENG) [PDF]
On Keyboard Music of German Barque Composers

Muzyka gestu: idiom recytatywu i swobodnej fantazji w koncertach klawesynowych Johanna Gottfrieda Müthela (PL) [PDF]
PhD dissertation